Welcome to LaViahn Healing: the sanctuary for the Urban Shaman, Holistic Mystic, Healer, and Light Weaver!

Are you seeking a deeper relationship and balance with your spirit, while in an urban setting?

Are you a healer or holistic practitioner who is ready to dive deeper into your spiritual gifts and purpose?

LaViahn offers classes, and retreats on Reiki, vibrational medicine, integrative shamanism from around the world, ceremony, and ritual healing and transformation.
Integrating Ancient Wisdom into a Modern World

You are part of a global shift to greater light and purpose.  It is time to master yourself, and your gifts to live with more purpose and create greater impact on the planet.

Meet Valerie, Founder of LaViahn Healing

Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez is an anthropologist and shaman through both lineage and study.  She is an author, spiritual guide, and teacher. Valerie grew up learning the Wise Women  traditions of Lebanon and Mexico, (spiritual curandera) and from this knew that she was meant to bring these traditions to a greater audience as part of her life mission. Valerie studied with shamans and masters from all over the world,  She studied in Shamanism is Mali, West Africa, Reiki, Yoga, Tibetan Sound healing, and Celtic wise woman ways. Valerie integrates these traditions with the intention of re-connecting the ancient ways into the new light era; bringing humanity and earth back into Oneness.

She has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to get back into their power, ignite their gifts and live out their greater purpose. Let her help you through her energy clearing sessions, classes, and ceremonies.

It is time…  Ignite Your Gifts.  Express Your Light.  Live With Purpose.