Spiritual Re-birth

Guided Spiritual Re-Birth

embark on a 5 or 9 week guided journey to birth your greater self

Is it time for your to go deeper into your spiritual knowing and desires?   Deepen your knowing of your mission and purpose?
Do you want to increase your magnetism and potential? Increase Your Intuition?   Heal old wounds and old patterns, and re-pattern yourself into a Greater You?
Move through a life changing transition with support and guidance towards a greater outcome?


The Spiritual Re-Birth Packages are intended to help clear and balance your energy, while strengthening your inner light and Divine Source Light connection.

We will pick a focus of intention at the beginning of your journey, then create a divine action plan for your greatest outcome to be achieved.  As we walk through the clearing and strengthening process, you will receive spiritual tools that are going to best serve you on your path.

During the 5 week or 9 week Re-Birth You will

-learn the names of your Spiritual Elemental Accomplices (gem, flower or herb) and how to work with them

-receive a personalized affirmation, and energetic tone, according to your energy and focus of desire

-your personalized divine action plan (includes spiritual actions, practices, techniques, movement)

-learn ways to increase your intuition, and spiritual connection

-learn ways to cleanse your energy, and raise your vibration

-receive personalized guided meditations + energy transmissions

-energy clearings + replenishment sessions to release what isn’t serving you, balancing, bring you back into balance, blessings,bring more light into you, and onto your path. Get 3 for a 5 week or 6 for a 9 week

-For 9 week process learn the deeper wisdom weaving process, intuitive development, and connect with the spirit animal helping you with your intention)

9 Week Spiritual Re-Birth $2,100
(one payment $2,100 or 3 payments of $733)


5 Week Spiritual Re-Birth $1,200
(one payment of $1,200 or 3 payments of $433)