Becoming Light

Rituals and Affirmations for Life

becomingBecoming Light is a sacred practical handbook intended to reawaken and strengthen the mystical connection and potential everyone has. This book will help you to empower and fortify the ability to create and manifest a more extraordinary life. Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez is a spiritual healer, shaman, and mystic through lineage and study. She founded Laviahn Healing LLC, to offer people guidance and healing by rekindling their relationship with the Light. Becoming Light is rich with useful and blessed rituals and affirmations on ways to heal, strengthen the soul, and manifest love, and prosperity. Becoming Light offers a detailed guide on how to prepare an altar; have daily sacred connection; synchronize with, and get back into the natural rhythms of the moon, earth and cosmic cycles, and seasonal shifts (winter solstice, spring equinox, etc). This non-denominational book allows you to cultivate and enrich your relationship with the Divine in a way that resonates with your truth and natural essence. The information is delivered in a way that is accessible for beginners all the way to more seasoned practitioners of sacred ways.



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