New Moon, Monthly, Online
Women’s Full Moon, Monthly, at Laviahn Sanctuary

Ceremonies are a powerful way to cleanse your energy, and connect to the divine that is within and all around you.  Each time you do a ceremony, your body, mind, spirit, and emotions get more aligned to your natural rhythm, and the cycles of the earth and universe; making manifesting, healing, and growing your intuition more effortless and empowering.  Each ceremony has it’s own theme and song.  Enjoy doing a ceremony online, from your home (Valerie will email you a list of sacred supplies you need that are easy to gather), or come to a live ceremony on the beach in Miami or other South Florida locations check below for details.





As we come together the last cycle of the year, the energies of the divine feminine increase.  Our opportunity for self growth, healing, and empowerment are amplified.

October 5th “Floral Smoke Abundance Ritual”
Connect with your inner divine, guides and angels in this traditional smoke ritual.  You will be guided through how to use natural “smoke medicine,” in its pure forms as incense and herbal (rose) cigarettes (optional) to open up the portals of healing light.  Ceremony + Celebration 7:30-9:30pm  At The Laviahn Sanctuary

Please RSVP for address at 720.3858978 or by purchasing your ticket (you will receive an email).

October Ceremony:  $20


November 3rd- Ancestral Healing and Dia de los Muertos
This Ceremony has been cancelled.  Valerie is in Mexico for her grandfather’s funeral.  

This luminescent time that is a sacred opening to the ancestral realm.  Many cultures honor this sacred time as one to honor those who came before us.  In Mexico, we hold a healing ceremony and then a celebration where we share our ancestors’ favorite dishes!  What perfection that this one happens to fall on the full moon!

  • Please bring- candles and flowers to offer
    {best colors are red, orange, white, and yellow}
  • Bring a simple food or drink that your loved ones adored/made or a dish that comes from your/family’s land of origin to share during the celebration
  • Bring a sitting pillow/blanket for extra comfort

Celebration 7:30pm-10:30pm {ceremony 7:30-9pm, celebration 9pm-10:30}


December 3rd Munay-Ki Womb Rite Blessing
On this, last full moon of 2017, and the beginning of a new feminine energy light cycle, we come together as a tribe, where Valerie will facilitate a Womb Rite Ritual Blessing.  this is a rite intended for all women around the world, and preserved as the 13th rite of the Munay-ki blessing with its roots and teaching from the Q’Ero Peruvian Shamans.  This rite is intended to begin the healing process of the inner feminine scars that we carry as women, wether through our own experiences, or those imprinted stories of tragedy and opprestion from our feminine ancestors, including mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins, sisters, dauthers.  They say once you activate this feminine light seed in your womb, you have the capacity to bring healing light to the world with the power of the 13 moon cycles.

Our celebration will then be an intentional dance floor, with light refreshments and of course, and herbal elixir made by Valerie! All this to integrate the divine power of the divine feminine light seed.

  • please wear comfortable clothes, bring floor pillows/blankets to sit
  • bring a bouquet of flowers {bought or picked} to offer

Gathering from 7:30-10pm {ceremony 7:30-9, celebration 9-10ish

All Three Ceremonies for $55