Sacred Steps

Shamanism for an Ecstatic Life

6 week intensive intro to Shamanic Healing


Or take the Guided journey with your tribe October 14th-November 11th (available live in person, South Florida, or online)


“Shamanism is a way of living life re-membering the intricate web of oneness, the breath of life in everything; it is the practice of illuminating, honoring, and awakening life in all of it’s forms.”  -Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez



What is “Sacred Steps”

Sacred Steps is an introductory course to Shamanism that will teach you tools to support you in creating a healthier, stronger, more meaningful life.  In the “modern world,” we have been more disconnected than ever from our inner source of Energy, the Earth, and one another.  We have fallen out of rhythm with the natural Universal flow.

It is time to remember our natural flow and divine connection…


Sacred Steps is a program to teach you and re-connect you to ancient wisdom, and high vibration Light to walk with more intention and create an ecstatic life.  Sacred Steps will show you the way to bring more meaning to your life, a deeper sense of purpose; bring inner and outer harmony, and  more light to the planet.

This program is designed to help you to integrate sacredness and intention into your daily life, bring more meaning to the mundane, and gradually strengthen your Light connection.

Each week you will learn shamanic tools and techniques to deepen you experience.  Whether you work in an office, have a private traditional or alternative practice, Sacred Steps will support you in creating greater awareness, and connection by learning how to work with nature, and Light energy.  The program is broken down into 6 modules in which you will learn various sacred ways.


“There is life force and essence in all forms of life.  We all carry a vibration that can soothe the soul, heal the heart, and expand the mind.”  -Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez

  1. Cleansing + Protection

How to clear your energy and a space

How to protect yourself from other energies, life events, global events

How to create an altar


  1. Healing, Harmonizing

How to heal old wounds and trauma, change old patterns, limiting beliefs

Tuning into subtle energy

Balancing Chakras (the body’s energy centers)


  1. Connection, Direction, and Balancing Energy

Connecting to and working with the directions, realms, elements, Universe, Sun and Moon

Ritual and Ceremony


4. Earthing and Integrity

Using Earth tools (crystals, herbs, nature) for daily life, self care, and ritual

Nature and natural living

Cycle of Light


  1. Intuition, Expansion

Trusting your intuition, using your body as a tool

Opening your psychic powers

Direct experience with your Spirit Guides, the Angels, and Ascended Masters of Light

Sacred days


divine abundance

  1. Magnetism, Manifesting

Increasing your inner light

Creating an ecstatic life for you and others

Initiation (live in South Florida or via webinar connection), Certification, Celebration




Each week you will receive a module and video in your email box.  We will have a group call each week, and 3 Sacred Space Connection Ceremonies. (If you are in South Florida, you will join the circle live, if you are not in South Florida, you will be live streamed into the ceremony.


There are a few options to bring Sacred Steps into your life 50 hour training or an extended course to be certified to begin integrating shamanism into your current practice, at a basic level.

Basic Level:  You are on the path with your fellow trainees, and complete an intro certification course.
$770 (payment plans available)

Intermediate Level: You are on the path with your fellow trainees, and have additional apprentice hours to go deeper into each module, in a private one on one setting with Valerie.
$897 (payment plan available)

  • The Introductory Course will offer you all of the tools that you need to create an ecstatic life, create more purpose in your work, or give you the awareness and tools you need to transition to work that is more aligned with your mission.

Sacred Steps Includes:

6 indepth modules that touch open the various aspects of Shamanism, sacred living

6 training videos

In person and online training and practice sessions throughout the course

Email/text contact with Valerie throughout the program

Email us to receive your application and get the process started!


I'm Ready


Introductory course to shamanism.  The modules + videos will be yours to keep and grow from.  This course is intended to give you tangible tools to awaken your innate wisdom and deeper sense of purpose. Sacred Steps gives you the sacred ways needed to integrate intention and sacredness into your daily life and practice.



Sacred Steps is a LaViahn Healing LLC original course.  The shamanic ancient wisdom for this course has been integrated from wisdom traditions around the world, including Mexico (curanderismo), West Africa (Animism), Guatemala (Mayan), Celtic, Tibet, India, Japan, Lebanese, Russian, and Native American.  Valerie Schultz-Gonzalez is an anthropologist and shaman through both lineage and study.  She grew up learning the wise women traditions of Lebanon and Mexico, and from this knew that she was meant to bring these traditions to a greater audience as part of her life mission.  Valerie studied with shamans and masters from all over the world, and integrates these traditions with the intention of re-connecting the ancient ways into new light era, to do her part in helping humanity come back to a place of Oneness.