Energy Clearing

Cosmic Wand Amplifier Trio

Turn the volume of your light up to vibrate and live at infinite potential!


Live more authentically
Cultivate your spiritual gifts
Gain clarity, focus, and ease in your life
Tune into the higher notes of your divine blueprint
Define your purpose
Reweave a deeper relationship with your guides and angels




This program will help you to dissolve any hesitation or fears around your True Power and Spiritual Gifts

Give you the tools and connection you need to BE THE LIGHT you came to be!!

This is for you if you know that you are here for something great!  You have a magical stirring inside that you want to cultivate and understand on a deeper level.  You are ready to heal from your past and take a leap of faith into a greater vibration of your truth, where you command your life with your cosmic wand lighting the way!

In 3 sessions Valerie forms a sacred alliance with your Cosmic Wand-the energy channel that runs through the center of your body.  It anchors and flows life fore energy through your body. Your Cosmic Wand ignites your spiritual gifts, soul purpose and connects you to your higher self, guides, angels and to your divine right blueprint-the information on what you came to do on the planet and how to do it!  During our 3 sessions we cleanse the energy that is blocking or cluttering your divine flow and amp up the LIGHT!!! By the end of our time together you will have clear energy and greater knowing of what you are here to do as well as the tools and courage to fulfill your mission!

Eclipse Full Moon Special Save $111 through August 1st!

3 sessions $444 (Reg. $555) 

Here are what people are experiencing with their Cosmic Wand active in their lives:

“My cosmic wand is pure light and even some purple. The light is aligned with my seven chakras and I am meant to be the light show the light, and reflect light onto others..” Stephanie

“My cosmic wand lesson is to stick to my inner wisdom and I won’t be wrong!  Trust in myself is where safety and power lies! Thanks for reaffirming!” Andrea

“Feeling closer to the divine more than ever.  Finding clarity in all the thoughts and emotions surfacing over the past few days and letting go to the magic happening this very second!” Angelika

Ready to Amplify Your Light?!!

Eclipse Full Moon Special Save $111 Save $111 through August 1st!

3 sessions $444

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OR commit to a more extensive Spiritual Awakening Program

Spiritual Guidance through Spiritual Awakening, Transitions, or Coming into your Spiritual Gifts
If you are in need of support as you are going through major life changes and/or coming into your spiritual gifts, Valerie can guide and support you with customized spiritual tools, and energetic support. Click here for Guided Spiritual Awakening Packages
























Programs, Packages, Classes, and Sessions are non-refundable.  We will gladly transfer your credit to another energy or event.  Packages and Sessions expire 90 days after purchase.  Classes and Program credits will expire within 90 days as well.