Healer’s Collective

Welcome to the Laviahn Healer’s Collective!  We are delighted to serve you with powerful long distance sessions.  We love to offer you a transformative healing, clearing, reading, or herbal consultation long distance, so that you can relax in the comfort of your home while receiving!

Scroll down to see the transformative offerings from the beautiful practitioners that have been studying Shamanism and Reiki with Laviahn Healing.  Each one of these practitioners (click on their names for full bio!) has awakened their spiritual gifts, and have grown to be powerful healers!

Aromatherapy Reiki with Lara Figueredo

Receive a long distance Reiki session with this highly intuitive medicine woman.  At the end, she will recommend a pure medicinal grade essential oil to continue your journey into balance. (session includes 2ml bottle of your signature essential oil)
Schedule here for $108 (includes essential oil s/h)

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Reiki Energy Clearing with Trish Church

Cleanse, balance, and illuminate your body mind, spirit and emotions with this distance session combining Shamanic tools and Reiki.

Schedule here $90

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Long Distance Reiki + Yoga Therapy with Melissa DeRenzo

Enjoy a powerful Reiki Session to cleanse and illuminate your body, mind and spirit.  Melissa will then intuitively guide you through a couple of therapeutic yoga poses that will support you in restoring you energy and deepening the affects of Reiki.
Schedule Here for $90

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Herbal Consultation Intake with Katie Smith

Receive an in depth consultation on what is ailing you in your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.  From this, Katie will create a customized tea blend for you.
Order Here $80:

You will receive an intake form and available times for your Herbal consult shortly after you .
Check in and Re-order your tea: $35