Healer’s Biographies


Trish Church (Energy Clearing + Reiki)

Trish Church is a certified Reiki Master and Soul Body Fusion® Practitioner who specializes in long distance clearings and Reiki energy healings. Trish started her journey as a Reiki practitioner in 2008 and has been on a continued journey of learning, sharing and healing using a variety of different modalities. Trish lives in Colorado, where she enjoys being surrounded by God’s majestic beauty which brings her so much peace! Trish is a volunteer youth leader and has been an ordained minister with Community of Christ Church since 1996.  Her kind nature and strong connection to God will bring you back to the center of your truth, effortlessly.  Schedule a Session


Melissa DeRenzo (Yoga Therapy + Reiki)

Hello my name is Melissa DeRenzo. I am a certified yoga teacher and Reiki master. I am passionate about holistic medicine, using herbs, yoga, crystals, and shamanism. It is my deepest desire to help raise the vibration of the planet, for all its creatures. It is an honor to be of service.  Schedule a Session



Lara Figueredo (Aromatherapy Reiki)

Lara Figueredo, is the founder of Spa Solara.  She combines  a variety of healing arts she has learned throughout her 19 year massage therapy career. Her path has guided her to become a yoga instructor, Reiki Master,  Aromatherapist,  and Medicine Woman.
Lara is passionate about genuine connections with people and guiding people through transformation.  Her heart centered approach to life gives people the comfort and trust to receive the powerful effects of her natural healing power and innate wisdom.
She is well known for her strong intuition and most certainly the peace that radiates out of her healing hands. Schedule a Session


Herbal Consultations are offered by various herbalists and practitioners.  You can schedule your session and we will set you up with an available practitioner.

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