Journey Through the Spirit of Mexico
July 11th-20th  Get more info at
A transformational guided journey through ancient healing and soul remembrance from Mexico City to a dreamy beach town in Oaxaca…
Embark on a 10-day journey from the busy urban setting of magical Mexico City, where you will have a tour of the city’s most mystical ruins, and magic markets to learn the Aztec ways of medicine making and healing… together we will then be transported to sacred Sierra Mountains and spend a few days retreating in an eco-friendly village, learning about the energy healing and magic with the ancient wisdom of the mountains…. then all the way down to a coastal town that is tucked away in a tropical paradise, where you will partake in a spiritual rebirth ceremony, learn how to work with the spirit of plants, and the elements, and deepen your energy healing practice. We will work with traditional healers (curanderos and shamans) throughout Mexico.
This journey is intended to offer a sacred transformation process for spiritual leaders (in any field) and healing practitioners. It will be a powerful journey of connecting to the sacred land of Mexico to awaken the deeper layers of your light power!!!!
Retreat includes:
transportation and lodging in country,
tickets to sacred sites and journey adventures
training, supplies,
ceremonies, and
2 meals a day.
Does not include alcoholic beverages, tips, or souvenirs. (you are responsible for your airfare to and from Mexico)
$2,700 (payment plans available)
Book early and save! Register after March 1st for $3,300



5% of retreat fee will be allocated to social impact initiatives consistent with the program theme.